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Kash Doll recently released a video for her song, “For Everybody”, which was produced by Blasian Beats. While the song is new, what isn’t new is the energy the video releases. One obvious cause for déjà vu is the visual reference to the 1998 Hype Williams movie titled Belly, but for me, the stronger emotional pull comes from the lyrics that Kash Doll pens with brutal honesty.

“For Everybody” is in essence, a flowing telephone conversation between a sidepiece (Kionna) and a wife (Keshia) -both played by Kash Doll.  I believe that many women have found themselves on one side of that call at one point or another, and if they haven’t, then they know someone who has. Maybe that’s why the song is so relatable. The video features the raw animosity you would expect from two women pitted against each other by an unfaithful man. It also accurately depicts the philosophies that a woman might hold in each of their positions.

Kionna (side chick) believes that “These Niggas For Everybody” which she chants throughout the hook. She mentions that Keshia is dumb to think that a man like Tommy can be chained down and suggests that Keshia focuses on making money instead of looking stupid. She has access to the man whenever she wants, he buys her extravagant gifts, and she “breaks him down like a pound” <-Standout Line Kionna’s philosophy is to get out of your feelings when you come to these men who are going to cheat anyway.

Keshia (wife) comes out punching with her strong “Nah, no he ain’t bitch. Bitch, YOOOOOUUUU for everybody.” She reminds Kionna of the small role she plays, and even mentions that Kionna is the equivalent to a cum rag (ouch). The gifts and time that Kionna brags about are passé to her now. She venomously spits,”Let me make some shit clear, I’m fucking off  what you make in a year.” Her whole dialogue screams boss in response to Kionna’s playful banter.

I really loved both the song and the video and I have become a major fan of Kash Doll in general. We do not have too many artists who can accurately express what women really go through on a day to day basis.

Check out the video below and if you like it, support this artist by purchasing the track.

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Kash Doll – For Everybody Credits:

Director: Genius Minds Production
Concept Creative: Kash Doll
Single Art Photos: Genius Minds Productions
Single Art Design: @Mcfreshcreates
Song Producer: @Blasianbeats

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