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CoreVizion Television or CVTV for short is a new television based out of Houston here to bring light to the the various aspects of the city that makes it unique. CVTV will spotlight music videos, entertainment news, music, fashion, health and wellness and much more.

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Meet The Host


Kimberlyn Elise (KIMKIM) is a Master of Communication on a mission to enhance communication competence among people through education, music, and entertainment.  By day she is a Speech Professor at Houston Community College and Texas Southern University, by night she is the host of her own radio show Kickn it wit Kim Kim that airs on Wednesday from 9:30-11:30pm on the Hottest Station On the Web The Core94.

Kickn it wit KIMKIM has recently been nominated by Urban Underground for “Best Radio Show”. Among hosting her own show KIMKIM also hosts fashion shows, private parties, and musical showcases. KIM KIM’s skills allow her to be a dynamic reliable source in the entertainment industry through Speech Coaching, Public Relations, and Marketing for entertainers and businesses.  From the start KIM KIM had a unique approach for Communication and branding. With a strong educational background, and exemplary skills in Communication KIM KIM has been able to take the independent music industry by storm.

Off of the air – KIM KIM enjoys scouting new talent, spending time with her family, and giving back to the community.



Brandon Goss                           

Brandon Goss or known to the people as “Goss the Host always giving you the most” , is a Houston native that takes a lot of pride in being from the city. He is a proud hbcu graduate from Texas College where he earned a BS in business administration with a concentration in management. He earned his nickname from being a youtube personality starring on his own youtube channel (Goss Speaks) in the summer of 2016. What does “Goss the host always giving you the most” mean? … It means just that ,  Goss wants to give the people the most of everything he has to offer. From information , entertainment, to personality whatever is required of him , he will give you the most of what he’s got! Brandon is excited to join the CoreVizionTV team and looks forward to adding to an already successful brand and help launch it forward to newer heights.







Taelor Smith

Taelor Smith is a rising entertainment journalist, host and producer. As a native Houstonian, she has always been fascinated with the southern music experience and is naturally the type of person wanting to know more about any and everything. This led her to the University of Texas at Austin to study Broadcast Journalism and focus on highlighting the ways minorities are portrayed by the media. So far in her career, Taelor has experienced covering many entertainment topics and figures including Atlantic Records recording artists, Nicaraguan music culture, Houston-area entertainers and community events. Her passion for knowledge, sharing news with audiences, and changing the perception of her community drives her to continue to seek and tell the diverse stories of minorities in entertainment. Whenever Taelor isn’t blogging, catching up on the day’s news or coming across new music, you can find her enjoying family, singing her heart out at just about any local concert, or trying new recipes to add to her collection.











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