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Love & HipHop Houston Rumors


Love & HipHop Houston Rumors


So the rumor mill has been grinding on the thought of a Love & Hip Hop Houston edition for a few years and today has cranked it up a notch with their “EXCLUSIVE: Meet The Cast Of Love & Hip Hop Houston!” post which can be found here:

The site listed several hot names in the city as the new cast including Kirko Bangz, Jhonni Blaze, Mehgan James, The Charlo Twins, J. Prince Jr., The Sauce Twinz, Just Brittany, Lil Keith, DJ Eric and Propain. This is a pretty long list to focus on and for that reason alone I feel like maybe this list is slightly off base although close Core 94! sources have confirmed two of the listed individuals as definite probabilities ut for the hell of it, let’s assume its true.

Here is my personal take on what we can expect from each of the alleged cast members.

Kirko Bangz: Kirko is one of the few younger Houston rappers to achieve mainstream acknowledgements so him making this list doesn’t seem so far fetched considering his appearance and those dazzling whites.


I think both him and his dentist deserve a BET appearance.

What I expect: Kirko will be the eye candy for the ladies and he will definitely bring the Houston culture that we would want shown nationally.

What I hope: He doesn’t get lost in the show with his laid back lifestyle. Kirko has been in the public eye for a minute and while his music has entertained us, he doesn’t have the natural flare for the dramatics that viewers have come to expect from L&HH.

Jhonni Blaze: Jhonni is a phenomenal entertainer who plays the piano and sings (this wasn’t mentioned in the Fameoulous blog so just throwing it out there) but she is known for her stripper escapades including a sexual run in with Drake, a sex tape and her reality TV appearance on previous LHH New York episodes. Plus she has a body to kill for!


What I expect: Ms. Blaze is known to fly off the handle and is led by her emotions but on a previous interview with VLAD TV ( she mentioned that she has turned over a new leaf and we haven’t heard of too much drama since then. At the same time, I can’t see Jhonni not taking advantage of the lime light especially in Houston.

What I hope: I hope JB can take hold of her new found sanity and not lose it for the cameras. I’m lying, I hope she goes bat shit and gives us the drama we need to survive. I’m pretty confident it will happen too. If so, I’m going to need to open a new Twitter account so I can share my thoughts (she blocked my last one).

Mehgan James: While many people know Mehgan from her Bad Girls Club appearance, I am familiar with this actress/reality tv star from Basket Ball Wives LA Season 4. More notably, her FUPA (fat upper pu$$y area) as coined by Draya on episode 3. Keep in mind I am way past chunky so not hating on the allegied FUPA because I am a card carrying member of the FUPA club but this is what stood out about her. It should also be mentioned that Mehgan tweeted that she can neither confirm nor deny her being a part of the cast (she deleted that one) and also tweeted that Mehgan

Hmm…what you delete says a lot more than what you tweet girl!

What I expect: Mehgan won’t stand too strong against the stronger members of the cast like Jhonni but may come across as bullying the smaller quieter types like she did on BBW with Angel. Sorry, I’m not over it.

What I hope: I hope the sun shines on Mehgan and she shows a little more light than she did on Basketball Wives. Actually, I kind of hope that this is one of the fake names. Sorry.

Jermell & Jermall Charlo (The Charlo Twins): These history making boxers are definitely making waves for Houston as the first twins to ever hold world times at the same time in the same division.


Other than a passing rumor about one going crazy at a strip club one time I haven’t had heard too many rumors about the twins and for that reason alone I really hope they turn down this opportunity if it is real. These guys have a lot going for themselves and I don’t see this show catapulting their boxing career even though the petty part of me wouldn’t mind hearing their gossip.

J. Prince Jr.: I have been instructed to say as little as possible on this potential cast member for my own safety (jk, not really). I will say the original blog had his twitter wrong so this should make you guys put a question mark near their credibility. That to the side, J. Prince can definitely bring the hip-hop to Love and Hip Hop because he was a pioneering force in launching one of the largest names in Houston at the time, Drake and his family holds a long legacy of music in Houston.


What I expect: Him to shine like only he can.

What I hope: Nobody pisses him off.


The Sauce Twinz: If any name made my ears perk up it was this one, mainly Sauce Walka who is highly intelligent (he let that slip at a previous interview on the station -> Sauce Walka) but great at entertaining and not afraid to stir the pot. This rap duo has made waves with their infectious language and style but more importantly they know how to make people talk about them. Out of all the rumored guys for the show these two will keep people tuned all the way in.


What I expect: Stunting, styling and out right craziness.

What I hope: They don’t go too far. I mean I know they will tip toe on that line but I hope they jump back occasionally too.

Just Brittany: JB is one of the few Houston female artists to make it to the national level. While she is most known for her debut single “Call Me For That Good” and her time as a Cash Money recording artists, JB has been keeping busy by performing, hosting, dancing and even giving a few pole dancing classes. Just Brittany is another female with a gorgeous body and this may be a good chance for her to go deeper than the surface with her fans.











What I expect: Just Brittany will represent Houston to the fullest like she always does.

What I hope: She stops being so poised and lets that 5th Ward soul glow for the cameras!!! I want to see her get ratchet a few good times! I also hope she goes back to black. She is beautiful with any style but I am not a fan of the carrot top orange tresses she has been rocking.

Honestly I’m not too familiar with Lil Keith or DJ Eric (other than DJ Eric working at VLive so expect stripper cameos?) so I can’t say too much either way on those two names.

Propain: Out of the names I am most happy for Propain potentially making the cut just because he is one of those guys you just want to see succeed. He has put in a lot of work and deserves the accolades. Outside of shoe beefing though, he isn’t a very attention grabbing character. He is a little quiet and humble so I’m not sure how he will shake in the cast.


What I expect: A few fans of Love and Hip Hop to fall in love with Propain’s southern charm.

What I hope: He puts on for the camera a little but only does 1 season because his music career takes all the way off.


Well I guess that pretty much wraps it up. How do you feel about the cast? Does it seem legit or is it a little far fetched? What do you expect and hope? Comment below or chat with us on IG @TheCore94.

Signing Off,

-Brit The Brain

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