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What Are The Rich, Rich Folks Doing That You Aren’t?


What Are The Rich, Rich Folks Doing That You Aren’t?

Hey yal. I don’t know about you but one of my big life goals is to become rich. No, I mean like rich, rich. However, it seems like making more money means less sleep and less energy, but between owning the stations, being a Mom and having a full time job, I already work like a damn dog. Still, God wouldn’t put this dream on me if it wasn’t possible so I started to look at what are the world’s most successful people doing that I’m not.

This video, although simple, pointed out several errors that I am personally making in time management and productivity. Check it out to see if there are some rich folks habits that you can build into your own life. Let’s get it!

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Co-Owner and VP of Sales at The Core 94!
Hey yal. I am the co-owner of the Core Media Group (The Core 94!, CoreVizion, Core 713, and CVTV Indie). I'm from Houston, TX (South Park) and I love technology and music that I can't play at my day job. You can catch me writing music and event reviews, Monday Motivation posts, and anything in between. I also curate concerts like Livin' XL and PurpleFest. I love reading comments on my blogs too. (Hint, hint)
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